Prof. Amir Sagi

Prof. Sagi is  a world renown specialist in crustaceans physiology. His research has led  to the discovery of unique aspects in crustaceans developmental physiology having numerous biotechnological application

Prof. Angel Porgador

Prof. Porgador is interested in the innate immune system which acts as the first line of defense against infections. His research is broad, frequently taking inspiration from the immune system into another setting. 

Dr. Guy Rotem

Fellow Researcher in the Life Sciences Department in BGU and Owner of 'Guy Rotem Ecology Environment' company for ecological consultation

Dr. Natalie Yivgi Ohana‏

Dr. Yivgi Ohana is a first class scientist and researcher in the field of mitochondria. Seven years ago founded a biotechnological company to develop mitochondrial therapy for rare diseases

Dr. Lior Wayn

Founder & CEO of Bioleaf. Bioleaf develops formulas to achieve quality cannabis plants. 

Besides that Dr. Wayn is a serial entrepreneur in the life sciences arena and have a lot of experience. 

Mr. Tamir Meiri

Tamir Meiri is a Senior Manager of Venture Investments at Johnson & Johnson Innovation – JJDC, Inc (JJDC). Tamir is responsible for identifying and leading Health technology investments in line with sector strategies, including deal sourcing, Structuring, Decision Making, Execution, and post Investment portfolio Management.

Dr. Natanja Slager

Business Projects & Consultancy in Biotech & Ag/Food Tech at NeSS Projects. Experienced Biotech executive with over 15 years of expertise establishing and managing companies in the AgTech and BioTech (pharmaceutical and medical device) space

Prof. Michael M. Meijler

 NIBN Scientific Executive Director , His research focuses on understanding chemical communication between bacteria themselves, and between bacteria and other species such as plants, fungi, and animals, in various settings. this knowledge may aid in the development of new therapeutic avenues to combat antibiotic resistance

Mr. Avishai Levy

Since 2010 Avishai serves as General Manager of Agbiopro (previously "Levidel") a BD, IP and startup management firm and is an inventor/ co-inventor and founder of several early-stage advanced technology projects in the fields of HLS, Digital health, foodtech and drug discovery.

Dr. Gili Hart

CEO of Mitoconix Bio. Dr. Hart is a Biotech executive with extensive experience in strategic planning ,management and execution of global programs ranging from preclinical through conduct of Phase 3 trials. Broad experience in public and private financing. 

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