About us

Ze`ev Slobodnik

Netanel Cohen 

Both of us are graduate students in life sciences in BGU and currently we are MSc students. 

During our undergraduate studies, we were surprised to find out that many of our classmates are unaware of the wide range of options available to them upon graduation. Some of the dilemmas we faced are basic: What employment opportunities life sciences graduates have? What is the importance of a PhD over a MSc? Others were more complex: What are the entrepreneurial options in the field? How can we take an idea or a biological research and allow it to develop into a successful startup company?

We were very surprised to find that today, there are more than 5000(!!!) life sciences companies in Israel in a variety of subjects, such as agriculture, ecology, medicine, food-tech and many many more.

At this conference we will attempt to bring the best minds of the field to answer these questions.

We invite all graduate students in life sciences, biotechnology, chemistry and related fields to join us on this journey and discover possible answers and solutions.

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